Our corporation has been established since 2009 specialised in food services. Started as a premium corporate catering that have been running for almost 5 years. TMA Dining always seeks to develop the best foods and beverages market potential and now expanding its field to restaurant business segment.
Since 2013, TMA Dining has already managed 3 international franchise restaurants that are located in west and east Surabaya, Indonesia. Next, the establishment progress will be continue to Jakarta and Bali with different target unit and intend to create at least 4 restaurants.
We have a healthy and successful track record of operating Bangi Kopitiam Surabaya (www.bangikopitiam.com), which is a coffee shop. Bangi Kopitiam is a profitable business under us, which we feel gives us a leg up in terms of operating restaurants. So far we have three outlets in Surabaya, which is the second largest city in Indonesia.

We have two outlets in Prime Location West Surabaya at Spazio Office Building and Surabaya National Hospital. Both of these outlets have garnered respective successes and have been recognized by the public. We have expanded our restaurant to East Surabaya at the East Coast Center Mall, which now open in May 2014.
Restaurant Business
Telephone no. // (031) 568 5217
E-Mail // info@tmadining.com
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